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There are 101 different romance tropes out there – (okay maybe not that many), but it’s fun reading stories from all the different ones out there! Today, I wanted to talk about some of MY personal favorites! Some of these are NEW favorites, too.

  • Second Chance Romance

Second chance romance has always been a favorite of mine – but it used to be hit or miss; since I am such a picky reader when it comes to this trope (any, really). I have to “connect” or… see/like the relationship from the past, before really connecting to the romance in the present. But I love it.

Some of my favorites

  • Rock Star/Famous/Billionaire

Honestly, I use to HATE this trope. They all seemed far-fetched – I mean, the heroine is always some simpleton that doesn’t think she is good enough. But, my love for this trope has soared over the past couple years. Who even knows WHY.

Some Good Ones

  • Alpha Male

This has been, and probably always will be, one of my favorites. Typically, I like the Alpha when it comes to Paranormal/Urban Fantasy the most, simply because it’s more their nature? I don’t know.. But I love me a good strong Alpha male.

Favorite (paranormal) Alpha’s

  1. Dark Love – Wrath
  2. Magic Bites – Curran (My <3)
  3. Halfway to the Grave – Bones
  4. Bitten – Clay
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Talk to me!

  • Do you love/like/hate the tropes I mentioned? Have you read ANY of the books listed?
  • What are some of your favorite tropes? Recommend some books, too!





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