Born in Blood (The Sentinels #1) by Alexandra Ivy| Review

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Born in Blood (The Sentinels #1) by Alexandra Ivy| ReviewBorn in Blood by Alexandra Ivy
Series: The Sentinels #1
Published by Zebra
Release date : December 31st, 2013
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 373
Source: Purchased | Format: Paperback
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Sergeant Duncan O’Conner has seen it all before. A beautiful erotic dancer is found murdered in her home—no suspect, no motive. But there’s one clue: she’s missing her heart. It’s enough to make the hard-bitten Kansas City cop enlist the help of a necro—one of the dead-channeling freaks who live in the domed city of nearby Valhalla. It’s a long shot, but desperate crimes call for desperate measures.

Unlike the other “high-bloods” in Valhalla, Callie Brown considers her abilities a gift, not a curse. But when she reads the dancer’s final thoughts, she senses a powerful presence blocking her vision. This is no ordinary homicide. This is the work of a legendary necromancer who controls souls. A ravenous force that will put Callie’s skills to the test, O’Conner’s career at risk, and both their hearts on the line…literally.

Born in Blood caught my eye while browsing books at our local book store. Since Paranormal Romance is one of my favorite genres, I snagged this one up; really curious about the interesting premise. While I had some minor issues with it, overall, this was a great start to a new series.

This is my first Alexandra Ivy book, so I have no others to compare to; but I thought her writing style was unique. For starters, it’s one of those that have multiple POV. Even the “villain.” It’s no secret who he is, it’s why and the how’s that must be discovered. The POV’s also switch often throughout the book, making it difficult to really put myself in the scene because they do change so often. That being said, I thought the world that Alexandra created was intriguing and I enjoyed learning more about all the Sentinels and their unique gifts.

Our two main characters are Callie and Duncan. Callie is a necro, a special talent that enables her to see into the minds of the dead. Duncan, is a tough as nails cop. I really loved these two together. They balance each other out well, and their sexual tension was THICK. Both are strong, dedicated characters but where Duncan is tough, Callie is soft. Even though their relationship does escalate a little quickly, the fact they “knew” each other before we were introduced to them, sat in the back of my mind. I would have liked to see these two get to know each other more though. But that’s here nor there.

There were a few things that bothered me as well. Although it was a “normal” thing in the book, I hated the overuse of the word Freak. It is one of those words that just grates my nerves. Also, towards the end of the book, the scenes were cut off and there were many things that I wished I could have “seen” but didn’t because BOOM! End. I also thought the ending was a little too convenient, and there were many things that were left unanswered and not wrapped up. Since this is the first book in a new series, I can only assume some of those questions will be answered somewhere down the life.

Overall, I did enjoy it. I recommend this for fans of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, especially if you want something fun and unique!





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