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For some reason, around this time of year things get really, really difficult for me. What makes it difficult has changed throughout the years, from money, to relationships, my kids, our jobs.. etc. I feel like right now though, I am just in an all around funk.

With everything. 

Quite honestly, I feel Stagnant. I feel like everything and everyone is moving around me so fast, and I can’t find my focus point. I am just standing there, watching everything zoom by. It’s an unsettling feeling, made even worse because I can’t think of the best course of action to change it, or anything.

It feels hopeless. And dizzying. And confusing as hell.

  1. What do I grasp onto, when everything feels like it’s slipping?
  2. What dream do I work towards, when they all feel so far away?
  3. What choice do I make – when neither one is appealing, in the slightest?

101 questions, these included, run through my head several times a day.

I am sick of it. And I need a change.

Coming to terms with this has been huge. I don’t like change – who does? – but I am craving it. With work, blogging and just LIFE in general. It’s time to break out of my comfort zone and take life by the horns and enjoy the ride – instead of just holding on for dear life.

Now the question is, HOW? I haven’t gotten that far yet – but when I figure it out, I will let you know!



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  • Have you ever felt like you were stagnant? What did you do to pull yourself out?
  • Do you have any advice?



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4 responses to “Life Confessions | Being Stagnant

  1. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    I definitely understand what you mean. I just hit my 10 year anniversary at my current company (which I do like most days). Come August, I’ll have been in DC for 15 years. I need to shake things up and make a change, I’m just not entirely sure WHAT I want to change. Here’s hoping we both figure it out soon. Feeling like you’re sitting still isn’t fun. *hug*
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