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I know the focus of this discussion does not coincide with my readership – but I have been wanting to talk more about LIFE, and what better outlet?

My previous posts have somewhat applied to blogging. Not much, but somewhat. SO I will be the first to admit that this one, does not.

I have two boys. Most of my readers know this already, but there it is if you didn’t. I think being a parent is single-handedly one of the most fulfilling yet scary things anyone could ever do. But, hell. It’s hard. I thought as they got older – things would be easier. And sure, some things ARE. They bathe themselves. Dress themselves. They aren’t co-dependent on me for EVERY LITTLE THING anymore. But now, there are bullies. After school programs. Sports. Band. School trips. Homework. Taxes ( yes, they ask). Money. Work. The list goes on and on.

They ask questions ALL THE TIME that are hard for me to answer.

Situations arise weekly that I have NO IDEA how to handle.

They know a lot about the world and other people that amazes me everyday. Yet, they don’t understand it all.

It’s scary as hell to think that we are raising our future generation of leaders.

I was young when I had my oldest. I was 17, still in “high school” and had no IDEA what I wanted to do with my life. (Hell, I STILL don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.) Being a teen mom was hard. Considering where I was at the time, I never ONCE felt like I was throwing my life away, or giving anything up. I was home schooled. Taking care of my horses and just living the life. And luckily for me, I was supported 100% by my family and wasn’t judged TOO much (by them, anyway). So, I finished school. Went to a trade school to get my foot in the medical field. Moved out at 19 and went about my merry way. I guess I never thought that my age would affect THEIR life so much, and I am reminded by it by small things.

Curious looks when I go to the school. Or when a parent drops their kid off at my house.

Kids saying, “Hi [sons name] sister!”

My son being teased because of my age. NEVER would I have thought this would happen.

It bothers me that so many are judgmental. I am not saying my situation is not even wholly drastic or bad. I was young. Big deal. But how many others are teased for having two moms? Or two dads? Or any other situation out there. It’s hard to explain these things to kids – since most at this age, just don’t understand.

It’s HARD.

I haven’t even broached the topic of social issues. Or the fact that one of my kids has OCD and trichotillomania. How that, along with everything else and how society IS, he has to deal with that day in, and day out. It’s hard when there are things going on that you can’t fix. You can’t explain. You can’t HELP. I know that me being there is enough for them. But I wish I could FIX IT.

Anyway. Life is hard in general. But steering their life to be a good one, teaching them manners, chivalry, kindness, compassion and to be strong is the best I can do. And the good far outweighs the bad. Every day. 





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  1. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Another post I somehow missed when you posted it. I agree that parenting is SO hard and I honestly never realized just HOW hard it would sometimes be. I would imagine that starting out on the parenting journey when you were so young would add a whole other level of difficulty (at least for some things). I’m glad that you had supportive parents to help you! I wouldn’t have thought about how it would affect my kid either – like you, I just don’t think that aspect of it would have occurred to me.

    And I can definitely relate to having kids with “issues” – this just adds a million times to the complications! I think we all thought that the days of diapers would be the hardest, but … nope! 🙂
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