Let’s Talk About Sex: Part 5- When Sex Takes Over

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Hi guys! Jessica here!

I am always up for a good sex talk! So I thought I would do a discussion post because I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Recently, I read a book by an author that I usually love and adore but I felt really disappointed by the book. My biggest issue is that I thought I was getting a romantic-suspense read. Instead, I got sex. A lot of it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for sexy times in a book. I love them. I need them. I crave them. But at the same time, instead of reading a plot based book that had sexual times, I felt I was reading a sex based book with a bit of plot thrown in. I don’t remember this being a huge issue for me before, but maybe my tastes are changing. Or maybe, when I go in with certain expectations and they aren’t met, I feel cheated.

I am a very romance driven reader. I love my romance and I love my sexy times! But I don’t want the plot to be overshadowed by that either. Especially if I’m expecting a suspenseful, action packed plot.

Teresa from Readers Live a 1000 Lives recently wrote a review where, while she enjoyed the romance, she LOVED how plot driven the book was and even found herself rushing through the romantic scenes to see what happened next!

I wonder if it’s because I’ve read so much straight up romance that now I’m finding myself wanting to branch out to get more?

What do you all think?

Do you find yourselves thinking “Not another sex scene!”?

Do you feel that some books simply have too much sex and that takes the place of an actual plot?





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6 responses to “Let’s Talk About Sex: Part 5- When Sex Takes Over

  1. S. J. Pajonas

    This is why I steer clear of a lot of erotica, which tend to be more about the sex than they are about the plot. I want the romance, the long looks, the little touches, the character and plot development, that all leads up to a big, well, climax at the end. So now, if someone recommends a book to me in the erotica genre, I have to ask about plot, character development, etc. before I even pick it up (so I rely on the word of mouth from a friend on these). Otherwise, I’ll admit, I’m totally bored.
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  2. tonyalee

    Yeah, you know how i feel about this. But honestly, it’s not JUST erotica that has SO MUCH sex in them. I think that it’s SEX SEX SEX is more common in “regular” romance novels. you technically, don’t have to read erotica!

    I love romance/sex in books, but there are times when I just want PLOT or.. something else. ya know? Great discussion, love!

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