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I was talking with my husband a few weeks ago about tattoos. It’s actually one that we have often, because the urge to get another one is always there. I have two (he has one) and we were discussing what our next tattoo would be, and where we would place it. Here’s what I said,

“I want something book related, that relates to me and my life as a whole. An open book maybe? On my forearm.”

It’s perfect. BOOKS. Plus, I am really open about my life, happy/good times and struggles. What better way to express that? Of course, my husband thinks is slightly odd but, well. Who cares.


Before I got into book blogging, I use to blog about life and being a young mom. Honestly, I didn’t have very many posts up before making the change and even though I have personal discussion posts all the time, I want to do more.

I know there are many people out there that are reserved about what they share about their personal life online. I am not one of them. And I know there are people who are really not interested in reading about other’s life online. I respect both.

So in an effort to express my feelings, struggles and good times, I will (hopefully) be posting something about my life or life in general, ever week or every other week. I am also open to questions. So, if you want to ask me something, or have topic suggestions, send em my way!!

I am so excited for these posts and I hope you are as well!


Are you an open book?



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3 responses to “I’m an Open Book

  1. Diana So

    Ooh! My current tattoo needs to be fixed, but I’m dying for more. I want at least 3 more and one of them will be on my left side.

  2. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    Hey! Ok, so first off I have to say the first part of your post is so freaking timely. A couple bookish friends and I will be reunited in Pittsburgh for an author event in September and we were discussing getting tattoos to celebrate. Naturally they would be something bookish. I’m thinking either a) an open book or something like that on the back of my neck or b) the Deathly Hallows symbol on my inner wrist. Might I add this will be my first tattoo because I’m a huge wuss?

    But also, I go back and forth on the sharing of information online. There are times I’m absolutely willing to put a lot of info out there. There used to be a time when a thought didn’t pass through my mind that I didn’t put it on Facebook or Twitter. I’ve reined that in quite a bit, but I also offer my opinion pretty freely when asked. 🙂 As far as personal info, I don’t hide much. I probably tell more online or on my blog than I do to friends IRL though.

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