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Hello lovelies!

I was actually in the middle of writing out a post about how I am struggling with building an audience for After Hours. But then the idea popped into my mind the ways that I subscribe to other blogs, so I wanted ask you;

How Do You Subscribe to Other Blogs?

There are many different options when it comes to finding a blog you want to follow. Just to name a few – email, Bloglovin and Feedly.

Personally, my ways of following depend on how often I visit the blog, if I comment often or what type of blog it is. I primarily use Bloglovin (however, I might change because the changes they made have REALLY screwed up my routine), and I have about 15 different categories for the blogs that I do follow; varying between how I found their blog, to genre. It takes hours to weed through my feed and it’s possible that this tells me I need to slim down. But I digress. There are about 10 blogs I follow via email – those blogs that I don’t’ usually comment on much but like I read their posts.

This is always tricky – because when hosting giveaways (or entering) you don’t want to subscribe two different ways. But what if the option to enter is a way that I don’t use? What then?

While we are here – how do you FIND new blogs to follow? There are many MANY young adult blogs out there but I am always looking for new blogs that focus more on Adult books and/or topics. Maybe I am not looking in the right place, but it’s REALLY hard to find genre specific blogs!


I Turn the Spotlight On You
  • How do you subscribe to other blogs?
  • How do you discover new ones to follow?
Share your thoughts in the comments!



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14 responses to “How Do You Subscribe to Other Blogs? – An After Hours Discussion

  1. Red Iza

    I usually follow blogs through Bloglovin (but it sometimes goes wonky so I’m thinking about using Feedly…). I have some faithful blog readers, so I try not to discover other blogs these days, I couldn’t cope with visiting and commenting them all and answering my coms ! However, if somebody new leaves me a com, I try to visit her blog and pay my respects – and sometimes discover a new favorite blog 😉

    • tonyalee

      Bloglovin has been acting up lately and it really pisses me off LOL

      I have been trying to find new blogs that are adult only and it’s HARD!

  2. Nick @ Nick's Book Blog

    I mostly use Bloglovin. I don’t particularly like emails because I like to keep my inbox clean. I know what you mean about adult book blogs. It’s hard to find ones that I love. Caffeinated Book Reviewer is one of my favorites however. And I do like Christy’s Love of Books as well although both of them review a blend of books, not just adult.

    • tonyalee

      Yes it is really hard to find ones that are adult. I follow Caffeinated Book Reviewer, too!

  3. Trish Between My Lines

    I follow with Bloglovin mostly. There are a few blogs though that I keep up with via email but only a limited number. As for new blogs, I mostly find these through the Sunday Post – a mixture of new blogs joining or new to me blogs that another blogger has included in their wrap up of interesting blog posts. For a long time I found it hard to find other bloggers who love thrillers but I’ve slowly built up a list of those that do. Initially I found a lot of these via Goodreads when they’d post a review of a book that I was also reading/had read.

    • tonyalee

      There have not been many that I find during the sunday post. Some, sure, but not a whole lot.

  4. Kim @ kimberlyfaye reads

    I use a mix of email and Bloglovin. (And my next statement might make me sound like a bad person, but … I’ve got to be honest.) The blogs I’m legitimately interested in, I follow via email. The ones I’m following only because of a contest entry requirement, I follow via Bloglovin. Granted, I don’t enter contests like I used to, but back when I did I didn’t want all of that cluttering up my inbox, especially when I wasn’t all that interested in following them in the first place. (Gods, I sound like a jerk.) I still check Bloglovin from time to time, but not nearly like I used to. That’s exactly why I insist on getting posts from friends’ blogs and the ones I’m most interested in right in my inbox. I pay attention to them there.

    I most often find new blogs when visiting people who have commented on my post. It’s really hit or miss, honestly. Since I’m not reading nearly as much YA as I used to, I find myself less inclined to follow blogs that ONLY cover YA. I’ve also found a few new blogs to love because of Facebook groups, too. It is tough to find blogs that cover a mix of YA, NA and A though. They are out there though! Haha.

    • tonyalee

      No, I love that you are being honest about it! I actually had a list for blogs I followed for giveaways and ended up really loving them. most blogs that I enter giveaways for I already follow, so that’s easy LOL

      Yes, very hit or miss. It seems like I have my faithful bunch of followers/comments and that’s okay!

  5. Suzi Q, The Book Dame

    This is timely. I have used Feedly ever since Google Reader went poof, but just spent forever culling out and switching over to Bloglovin’. I didn’t oroiginally fall in love with the layout of Bloglovin’ and therefore was hesitant to use it, but have discovered features that I really like. Graphically it appeals to me. I only follow a couple by email and actually don’t like doing it, but there are two blogs that I like that have continuous problems with their feed, and I don’t want to miss out.

    • tonyalee

      Yeah there is that too! I am more of a silent follower, so for those posts that I just want to read once they go live, I follow via email. I have cut back though, because of the sending preferences. So, if someone posted at 8am I got an email and if they posted again at 3pm I got another email. I like it all condensed in one.

  6. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    I love Bloglovin and thats the only method I use. I don’t follow many blogs cause I want to keep it easy to get through. I can’t stand emails so I never use that. I only have 3 categories in Bloglovin: book blogs, lifestyle blogs and fashion blogs.

    • tonyalee

      So do you normally just visit blogs that visit you? I follow at least 100+ different blogs (if I don’t clean out my BL feed it’s a scary place)

  7. MIchelle @ Book Briefs

    I used to just use email, but it got so overwhelming. Now I use bloglovin but I highly sort my blogs via group. And whenever I have time I start out by my favorite groups and those posts get the most reads and comments. But I still get sometimes backed up so I often find myself sorting by blog and scanning posts when my feed gets backed up, picking one to read/comment on and then marking the whole blog as read to clean out my feed. Its not a perfect system yet, but I would absolutely love for bloglovin to make a search feature. Because then I could search memes that I don’t follow and mark all of those posts as read right off he bat and leave just the posts that I am more interested in reading and commenting on left in my feed.

    • tonyalee

      Yes there are 3 groups I always start with. I might actually be cleaning out my feeds. If I find a blog I want to check out later, I follow and then pretty much read their blog for a long time and figure out where to put them LOL it’s weird.

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