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You may have noticed that there hasn’t been much of anything going on these past two weeks. There’s a reason for that.

If you follow my other blog, Lilybloombooks, then you would know this post was coming. It’s taken me longer than I would have liked to get all my thoughts in order to draft this post. It’s like finally putting it in writing on THIS BLOG makes it official; even though it’s been official in my mind for a while.

After Hours at Lilybloombooks is officially closing down shop.

Remember those posts in which I discussed my funk and what I wanted/needed to do to get out of it? Closing this blog kept sneaking into my thoughts until all the sudden it was an insistent shout I couldn’t ignore. It saddens me because I love this blog. I love the people I have met, the posts I have shared (especially Let’s Talk About Sex!) and it really wasn’t a decision to take lightly.

It’s been hard. And in my post at Lilybloombooks, I shared my feelings of failure and a small part of me feels like a quitter. Running one blog alone is enough for a full-time job and running two was slowly killing me. Not literally but you know what I mean. And quite honestly, I just wasn’t happy anymore.

Having these past few weeks to really think about things, how to merge the two blogs and where to go from here, has been nothing short of amazing. I have to admit too, that not having to worry about posts, promotion and the like for two blogs has seriously released some stress. Which is a blessing and a curse, ha!

I just want to say THANK YOU for your encouragement and commitment to this blog over the last 21 months. Your support and kind words shined a light in the dark, and I appreciate every single one of you. It’s been a wild ride, and I am ready to see where I’m to go from here.

So, if you don’t mind ramblings, rants and a little YA in your life, you can you can head over and follow Lilybloombooks, (link below). Or, head over there to find other follow options.

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2 responses to “Famous Last Words…

  1. S. J. Pajonas

    I completely understand! I found you because you reviewed SUMMER HAIKUS and I would love to keep following you, so I’ll switch over to your main blog. I hope you’ll keep the blog up, though. I’d hate for all those reviews to go away. 🙁 It always makes me sad to find a blog that agreed to review me gone not too long after. <3 Keep on keeping on!
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    • tonyalee

      It’s been hard! And the author’s books I promoted was the hardest of all, simply because you trusted me to promote it ya know? But I just couldn’t keep up anymore!

      Yes, this one will remain up! All posts will still be here and searchable, plus I have a something set up to automatically tweet old posts, so nothing is lost!

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