Book Blogger Hop | Feb. 26th – March 3rd

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Book Blogger Hop


I saw this Blogger Hop feature on another blog and thought it would be fun to participate and meet new people! For more info, click on the banner or go here.

This week’s questions is:

Do your children, siblings, or other family members enjoy reading as much as you do?


Yes, at least ONE of my kiddos likes to read. He is very smart – and right now reading at the late freshman level – (he’s 12). It’s been difficult to find books for him since he feels some middle grade are TOO simplistic but I don’t think he is completely ready to transition fully into YA. And sure, he HAS read some YA – The Hunger Games, Scan, The Michael Vey series. That and he loves horror.

My other kiddo – not so much. He is starting to read more frequently now – but not as much as my oldest, or me!

As for my husband, he likes to read but has a hard time finding books he REALLY loves and finishing them.


My dad is the main one in my family besides myself who likes to read. He is obsessed with David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor books. My mom isn’t a big reader, but I did get her to read My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick a couple of summers ago! She took a month or two to read it, but she did love it! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen my brother pick up a book. Ever

My best friend loves to read though, so that makes me happy! I love going to visit because we’ll sit on the couch and read, which cracks her husband up, because he’s like, “You guys haven’t seen in each in months and yet you just read?!” He doesn’t get it. LOL.


Share with us! Do your children, siblings, or other family members enjoy reading as much as you do?



Tonya is a 30 y/o mom, wife, avid reader, coffee junkie, junk food addicted workaholic and blogger.

10 responses to “Book Blogger Hop | Feb. 26th – March 3rd

    • tonyalee

      Yes exactly! It’s SO hard to find books that will challenge him, but appropriate at the same time.

    • tonyalee

      That is awesome! I don’t have many friends (besides bloggers) that read as much as me! I love that Jess has her best friend!

  1. Maria Behar

    Wow, Tonya, your 12-year-old finds middle-grade books “simplistic”? That’s AWESOME. I’m sure he’ll be reading classics and literary fiction at the same time he’s reading YA! I hope your younger boy gets more into reading soon!

    Jessica, I perfectly understand how you can go visit your best friend and the two of you sit on the couch together and read. Her husband may not get it, but we fellow bookworms do! Lol. And your dad likes David Baldacci? He has great taste! I’ve never read that author, but I’ve heard lots of good things about him!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my own BBH post!! 🙂
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  2. Literary Feline

    My husband is somewhat similiar, Tonya. He enjoys reading, but he’s very picky about the books he reads. My daughter is just beginning to learn to read–I’m so excited! She’s always saying things to me like, “Why do you like to read books without pictures, Mommy?” I hope someday she will too . . .

    Jessica, I never thought my brother would read for pleasure. It takes him awhile to get through a book, but he does enjoy reading now that he’s older. Maybe there’s hope for your brother. 😉
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