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beyond the books

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Today’s Topic: If I had $1000, I would buy….


The first thing that comes to mind is books, obviously. And I would most definitely buy some books! But…

I would also buy some shoes. I really, really need some new heels!

I would also buy the boys’ some legos… haha As if they don’t have enough.

Let’s not forget all the beads, charms and fun things I could get to make some more book marks!!

The smart me would say, “Tonya! pay off your Amazon Credit Card!” or “Make another care payment!” Yeah — smart me is no fun.


Well, that’s all I could come up with!

Tell me one thing you would buy if you had $1,000



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One response to “Beyond the Books | If I had $1000, I would buy….

  1. Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

    I think I might be the only book blogger that no longer wants to really buy books or get them for my birthday/Christmas. I have so many now (and so many unread ones) that I can’t justify buying more. Even if I had $1000 🙂
    I would however use that to go on a trip. To the beach or the mountains or maybe even my favorite place ever: Disneyland!

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