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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Audio Book Review | Worth the Wait by Jamie BeckWorth the Wait by Jamie Beck
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Published by Brilliance Audio
Release date : March 17th, 2015
Genres: Adult, Chick Lit, Contemporary Romance
Length: 9 hours and 19 minutes
Source: The Publisher | Format: AudioBook
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Thirteen years ago, Vivi LeBrun was sketching a rooster and eating Oreos when she first met—and fell for—her friend’s brother, David St. James. Since then, her love for David has only intensified thanks to years of friendship with his family, who rescued her from a lonely, tumultuous childhood. As she travels to Block Island to vacation with the St. James siblings, Vivi daydreams about reuniting with David, hoping he’ll finally see her as his soul mate.

After his mother’s death, David distanced himself from his siblings, determined to hide a devastating family secret. Now, he’s brought a new girlfriend along to his homecoming—one who’s pushing for a serious commitment. The last thing he needs on his growing list of problems is his budding attraction to Vivi.

With tensions running high, David’s behavior triggers a series of events that might cost him the love he’s always taken for granted and Vivi the only real family she’s ever known.

I received this book for free from The Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Worth the Wait came highly recommend by one of my co-workers, so when I saw it available for review, I quickly added it to my list. There are so many things going for this book. The friendships, family and romance, making it one of my favorite adult contemporary romance novels.

Worth the Wait has two common romance troupes involved – best friend to lovers and best friends brother. It isn’t as complicated as it sounds, and actually worked out well given the circumstances.

Vivi has been in love with David since she was 13. While Vivi and Cat are the “best friends” Vivi and David have their own very close, tight nit relationship. Vivi has never made a secret of her love for David, in the hopes that one day he could/would love her back. Now, after 18 months without much communication, she is ready to try one last time to win his heart. What happens while on Block Island doesn’t go AS PLANNED, and both Vivi and David must face the truths of their life, family and love.

I loved that we get both Vivi’s and David’s POV. Not only that, I love that we get small flashbacks involving these two over the years, as they grew close. At first I thought Vivi’s love for David was infatuation, something I felt as if she should have grown out of YEARS ago. But the more time they spent together – and more flashbacks we got – the more I understood.

Vivi was such a quirky, fun character. Like I said, there were times when I was kind of put off from her love with David. I just wanted her to be HAPPY and she kept reading into everything. Holding out for someone for so long could not have been easy, so at the same time, I admire her deep love. She has tremendous growth as a character too, finally putting her back bone in place and saying NO MORE. David really did take her love and affection for granted, and it made me SO SAD.

David took a long time for me to like. His jealously of Vivi’s attention to others, men mainly, was hard to grasp. I couldn’t figure out if it was him solely taking her for granted, or not knowing what you are missing until it’s gone or something else. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his own issues. Holding in the secret that he is could NOT have been easy and I can see why something so detrimental would have him questioning everything. He’s angry, hurt and confused. Eventually, he started to get things straight but I feared – just like he did – that it was too late.

Kate Rudd is one of my favorite narrators, but I have to say, her moans during the sexy times had my face FLAMING. I am NEVER embarrassed by sex, even explicit sex, but it’s different when listening to some moans thrown in there. Never the less, I thought she did an amazing job with the whole novel. I just wish we would have had a male narrator for David.

One thing I want to mention was the lack of support from Jackson and Cat (David’s siblings). In one hand, I can see how a situation like this could become awkward; but you should want those around you that you love to be HAPPY. Cat’s constant push and forwardness about the whole situation was off putting and shows how selfish she was being about it.  Also, the secret David was keeping? I wish there would have been a little bit more resolution there.

Overall, I loved Worth the Wait. Strong family dynamics, friendships and a love worth waiting for. I highly recommend it.


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